Small Bathroom Vanities: Solution to Improve Small Bathrooms

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A small bathroom may have less space than the bigger one. However, you can trick it by giving a spacious effect and an airy atmosphere with small bathroom vanities. Besides its basic function as mirror, vanity can bring an effect that can make the room more airy and spacious. Combine Vanities for small bathroom with some supporting elements such as furniture, paint, and others to achieve the spaciousness for small bathroom. Small Bathroom Vanities: The First Upgrading Solution The first thing you can do to improve your small bathroom is […]

Best Small Bathroom Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Decoration is kind of fascinating idea to work while at some case it will lead you to more tricky condition. There are lot of areas to start the project. Room like the kitchen, bedroom and living room will be wise idea on your planning. But above of all, bathroom can be the finest places to start the home decoration because there are lot of things you can do on it. If you are interesting, so you already at the finest place. The following paragraphs will talk about the small bathroom […]